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Telguard TG-1 Express LTE Communicator


The Telguard TG-1 Express LTE is a cellular communicator that is UL listed for household fire systems and household burglary systems. It can be used as a primary communication path in such applications or a combination of household burglary and household fire system.

The Telguard TG-1 Express LTE uses cellular network to transmit data and alarm signals from the control panel to the central station. From such path, the alarm signals are routed over PSTN or via Internet to the appropriate alarm central station for proper action.

Installs directly in the host area as the alarm panel and connects directly via the RJ-45 jack. Self-test auto relay are sent remotely over LTE network to the Telguard Communication Center. The TG-1 Express gets its power from the panel, and no extra modules are required.

The Telguard Communication Center manages real-time databases and history of every Telguard unit’s operating conditions which include programming setup information, alarm transmission, supervisory trouble transmission, status information, and automatic self-test information. With the NSC (no service condition) feature, the TG-1 Express declares a no service condition when it is unable to register with the cellular network.

Key features:

  • Provides primary alarm transmission for burglary and fire
  • Uses digital cellular network in transmitting data
  • Power supplied by panel
  • Single-line interface cable
  • Multiple alarm format support
  • Communication path complete supervision
  • Automatic Self-test report
  • Remote query capability
  • 8 status LEDs

Manual: Download


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