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Even if your home is in a cellular dead zone or has no high-speed internet, Alarm Relay’s landline alarm monitoring keeps you protected.

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How Does Landline ALARM Monitoring Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Monitoring

Cellular monitoring uses cellular technology (just like your smartphone uses) to connect your security system to our U.L. Certified Professional Monitoring Station. It’s the most secure and reliable option since you don’t have to worry about internet outages. Simply put, it’s harder for burglars to hack.

Since Internet monitoring uses high-speed internet to connect your security system to our Monitoring Station, it’s the fastest connection among the three. In the event of an internet outage, you’ll want cellular monitoring as a backup.

Landline monitoring uses a plain old telephone system (POTS system) or landline to connect your security system to our Monitoring Station. It’s the most minimal security monitoring coverage available. You cannot connect your landline to a smart home system, and it is easy for burglars to cut your line. If you choose a landline monitoring system, we recommend a backup monitoring method such as cellular or internet monitoring.

Landline security systems are the most vulnerable. Burglars or external natural factors can cut or disconnect the wires of a landline – causing a service outage. Regardless, Alarm Relay is committed to the fastest response in the nation.
Landline systems aren’t compatible with smart home technology. You’ll need to add either internet monitoring or cellular monitoring to use remote access, smart technology, or control your security system with a mobile app.

While Alarm Relay can support the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) line, we cannot always guarantee that the signal will be carried by the VOIP provider to our Monitoring Station. That’s why we recommend internet or cellular monitoring as a backup. That way we can easily check to see if you’re still connected.

Thanks to advances in technology, alarm systems are designed to work with many different types of monitoring methods.

A phone line for monitoring is ideal if you are simply looking to save money on your homeowners insurance, and just want a low cost, effective monitoring service. In fact, Alarm Relay can help you save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance with our UL Certificate of Monitoring.

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