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The DSC NEO TL880LE is an alarm cellular communicator but also works via internet connection, which sends information from the panel to the central monitoring system. This device is designed to serve as transmitter or pathway by combining hardwired system and wireless protocol with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices hooked on the control alarm panel.
In timely changes of technological advancement when everybody is going digital and do away with traditional phone lines (VoIP), new methods must be adapted, from which the TL880LE is what is built for, considered to be an advanced alternative and solution for residential settings and even for small business enterprise.

Key features:

  • Includes image sensor capability
  • Z-wave Plus features
  • Supports cellular and Internet protocols
  • SIA and Contact ID protocol
  • Easy activation via Alarm.com
  • Diagnostics and programming remotely
  • Trouble indicator and alarm strength
  • Can be mounted remotely up to 100 feet or side by side with the panel

Manual: Download


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