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The Perfect Mobile Apps for Your Home Security System

Care to know the apps you need for your home security system? Optimize your home security through the best security mobile apps and control your home’s devices with ease.

Defining Home Automation

Home automation is about having a smart home. A smart home is a home that is equipped with a security system where it can control your home’s devices, including your entertainment system, appliances, lighting, alarm, access control, surveillance cameras, and HVACs.

Start building a smart home through Alarm Relay’s choice of security mobile apps.

DMP Virtual Keypad App

Tech APP: Automatic Panel Programming

Available both for Apple and Android, the Tech APP by DMP is one of the best choices in home automation. Save tons of your time and money and download this app for free.


Enjoy the fast and efficient automatic panel programming offered by DMP.


The program helps you navigate with ease by tapping + sign when adding a new system. Just login by entering your dealer admin credential and you can see your customer information instantly.




Features: App

One app for security

Reap the benefits of a security system that allows you to monitor your home in real time and remotely. With’s interactive security features, home automation, video monitoring, and energy management, enjoy the convenience of controlling and monitoring your security systems.


Total Connect 2.0 App

Stay Connected

Whenever you need 24-hour security and control over your system, the Total Connect App is Honeywell’s mobile application that gives you full remote services. Receive email and SMS alerts with ease, view live video feeds, doorbell cameras, and locate your assets including your cars wherever you are.



Navigate your home using the app with the following features:

Link your devices using a smart app to control your security system. Enjoy the advantages of one single application to control almost everything in your home. 


From lighting, doors, cameras, home appliances and more, Smartlink+ makes your home a smarter home for the modern times.


Alula app

One app. Complete control.

Provided by one of the professional security leaders, Alula Security is a beyond basic security that meets an end-to-end professional security system. Patterned for the modern world, customers will have no challenges in using the tool to set the security system in their homes.


Connect2Go Mobile

Reliable and simple to use.

Built with sophisticated interactive services, the Connect2Go Mobile app provides full convenience for your security system. Use your Honeywell or DSC devices with this app and feel the many benefits right in the control of your palm.


If you’re a new user and you want to set up a smart home using a program that helps you through simple steps, the Elklink App mobile is for you. Designed for modern homes, the Elklink App mobile is a user-friendly app for your basic security system needs.


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