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6 Reasons Alarm Monitoring Is Worth It

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    There is a massive demand for home security systems as the rising number of burglaries and break-ins has prompted people to protect their homes and families. Getting an alarm monitoring service for your home may be the best way to ensure adequate protection in case of an emergency or a burglary. When shopping around for home security systems, you will notice no shortage of options available to you.

    People looking at home security systems for the first time may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices they have to make. You have to consider the various tech requirements, types of equipment, number of sensors, and their placement around your home. What compounds matters is that you want to work with a company that offers you the best home security system. It can be daunting searching for the right home security system.

    Among the many choices you have to make, one stands out from the rest. You will need to consider whether you want a monitored home security system or an unmonitored one. The choice comes down to preference, but with alarm monitoring, you have a professional monitoring service that will be on call around the clock and keep an eye on your home and property. If you’re wondering whether you need an alarm monitoring service for your home, read on to learn about the six reasons why they are worth it.

    What Is Alarm Monitoring?

    When you get an alarm monitoring system installed in your home, you are essentially hiring the services of a professional monitoring company. They will work around the clock to protect your property and keep an eye on intruders, burglars, and emergencies. If an alarm is triggered at your home or property, the monitoring center will be notified immediately.

    They will contact you within a short period to find out if you require any assistance. If you need help or can’t reach you, they will call emergency services or the appropriate authorities for you and give them your address. It takes all the pressure off you as a homeowner because you know the professionals have got your back and will act fast in case of a burglary or emergency.

    Reasons Why You Should Get Alarm Monitoring

    Now that you understand what alarm monitoring is and why you should get it, we will look at some of the reasons you should get it for your home. Keep in mind that you have the option for monitoring your home on your own, but that will place additional responsibilities on you. It is better to have professional help for monitoring your home rather than rely on yourself. So, here are some of the reasons why alarm monitoring is a good idea for your home:

    1. The Convenience of Professional Monitoring Services

    One of the biggest benefits you get with alarm monitoring is that you don’t have to feel any pressure or stress in protecting and monitoring your home, family, and property. With professional monitoring services, you have a team working around the clock responsible for responding to alerts and contacting the relevant authorities.

    With an unmonitored alarm system, the responsibility for responding to triggered alarms and contacting authorities will fall on you. Most people don’t respond well in pressure situations, and when you are faced with a burglary or a fire in your home, you need to act fast. In that situation, your main priority would be to get yourself and your family to safety before you call the authorities or emergency services.

    However, with professional alarm monitoring services, the team monitoring your home and property will respond to the alarms and will contact authorities on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a finger and can worry about keeping your family safe while help arrives on its way.

    2. Get 24/7 Monitoring for Your Home

    The best part about professional alarm monitoring services is that you get around-the-clock services. You can’t stay up all night to watch your property and look at your phone to see if an alarm has been triggered. There are other things on your mind throughout the day, and it is best to leave the security and monitoring of your home in the hands of professionals.

    You can rest easy and sleep peacefully at night knowing that a professional team is working 24/7 to monitor your home and property. That way, even if a burglar attempts to break in when you are not at home or if everyone is sleeping, you will not have anything to worry about. The monitoring team will respond to any alerts in your home and reach out to you immediately.

    That takes all the pressure off you because they will contact the relevant authorities no matter the time of day and will ensure that your home is adequately protected around the clock. That leaves you with ample time to go about your day.

    3. Detect and Respond to Emergencies Immediately

    The best part about professional alarm monitoring services is their impressive response time. They will not only keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your property but will also detect and respond to emergencies immediately. That helps save time and can even save lives because help can arrive before anything bad happens to you or your family. Here are some of the events in which they can help:

    Break-ins or Burglary Attempts

    When your home security system is triggered due to a break-in, the monitoring team will be alerted immediately when the alarm is triggered. They will call to check with you and will inform the authorities if they can’t reach you or if you don’t respond.

    Fire and Carbon Monoxide

    If your smoke alarm is triggered, the monitoring service will be alerted and know that a potential carbon monoxide leak or a fire has broken out in your home. They will immediately contact the fire department, who will reach on time to deal with the emergency.

    Medical Emergencies

    Most home security systems come with the option of an alarm that will contact the monitoring service if there is a medical emergency at home. They will notify the authorities and ensure that an ambulance arrives on your doorstep within minutes of the alarm being triggered.

    4. Allows You to Monitor Your Home and Property Remotely

    A professional alarm monitoring service will work with you to protect your home and property from all threats. With an Alarm Relay system, you can monitor your home through your smartphone. You won’t need to worry about anything even when you’re away on vacation or not at home.

    For instance, when you’re away on vacation, you get an alert that there has been a break-in at your home. You can check the outdoor security camera and find out if there is an unfamiliar car or intruders in your driveway. When your alarm monitoring service reaches out to inform you that your alarm has been triggered, you can let them know that there are intruders on your property. They will inform the local police department immediately.

    5. Gives You Peace of Mind

    The peace of mind you achieve due to an alarm monitoring service is unrivaled. There is no pressure on you to keep a watch on your property around the clock because a professional team will be doing that for you. Whether you’re away on vacation or at your job, you know that your family, home, and property are protected from any break-in or emergencies.

    That allows you to focus on other things and leave the protection and monitoring of your home in the hands of professionals. When there is less stress in your life, you will be happier and more active throughout the day. There is one less thing for you to worry about because you know that you are getting the best protection for your family, home, and property.

    6. Alarm Relay Offers You an Industry Leading Rescu App for Free

    When you choose a professional alarm monitoring service, like Alarm Relay, you don’t have to worry about anything. They will provide you with professional 24/7 monitoring and offer you the industry-leading Rescu App for free. The Rescu App is built to save lives and is the fastest way to get help to you and your loved ones in an emergency.

    The app will connect you directly to certified emergency dispatchers to send for help from anywhere and alert your emergency contacts automatically so that they can respond in time. You can respond to an emergency even if you’re not at home and ensure that your loved one gets the help they need. You can also silently send for help if an intruder breaks into your home.

    The Rescu App is designed to save time and respond immediately, as there is no lengthy phone call waiting time and allows responders to act swiftly to any emergency.

    Final Word

    When you’re getting a home security system installed on your property, it is worth it to consider professional alarm monitoring services. The reasons we shared above are just the tip of the iceberg, and they can change your life for the better.

    Alarm Relay offers you the industry leading professional monitored alarm system service, which adds convenience to your life and provides you with the protection and peace of mind you have always wanted for your home and family.

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