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Alula BAT-Connect-A Communicator 4G/5G


The Alula BAT CONNECT-A is a universal tri-path communicator via 4G or 5G network. This device is built with the highest technology on demand and completes an ultimate system device in terms of upgrading and compatibility to modern platforms for the most efficient mobile experience.

The BAT CONNECT-A is a smart communication device that sends data information using secure and encrypted line powered by Alula iOS or Android Apps. The Alula network has a high-speed transmission capacity, delivering super fast data to smart devices.

This communicator device ensures business and residential users simplicity of operation with its reduced install time. It is also widely compatible with standard and common control panels that is demanded in this modern-day technology laden and fast-moving society.

Key features:

  • Optional Z-Wave/Home Automation (Additional equipment/services required)
  • Tri-path connectivity for flexible installation
  • 4G LTE and 5G ready
  • Compatibility to universal control panels
  • Remote controlling
  • Service upgrades available
  • Video ready through Alula apps

Manual: Download


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