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Telguard TG-7 LTE Communicator


The Telguard TG-7 LTE is a communicator device that works with its designated alarm panel using cellular network. It is a digital cellular radio alarm transmission device that can either be used as primary (cellular and Telco backup) or backup (Telco primary and cellular backup). The alarm panel uses either the PSTN or cellular as sole, primary or secondary transmission path to send alarm signals.

If using PSTN, the incoming Telco line is connected using RJ-31x jack to the Telguard and then from the Telguard’s RJ-45 jack to the alarm panel in the normal fashion. The Telguard TG-7 series transmits alarm signals over the nationwide digital cellular network ensuring for complete security in homes, businesses, and commercial settings.

Key features:

  • Provides 2 programmable system trouble condition (STC)
  • With automatic self-test and remote query signals
  • No extra modules required
  • Has own power supply, keeping the battery charged
  • UL listed equipment at the Telguard Communication Center
  • Database, history, cellular accounts, and operating conditions management
  • Complete communication path supervision (line fault condition, no service condition, radio communications failure, panel presence failure, and optional control failure to communicate)
  • Remote query capability
  • Automatic self-test report
  • 6 LEDs for status and diagnostics

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