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Telguard TG-4 LTE


The Telguard TG-4 LTE serves as a primary or backup alarm communicator using Verizon’s LTE cellular network. It has remote arming and disarming feature using HomeControl Flex app.
If telephone line is compromised, the LTE cellular network is used to transmit alarm signals to the central station using the TG-4 LTE model. Hence, it is an ideal device to use for appropriate panels for home and commercial full security and fire events.

Telguard products are highly efficient security devices with unlimited full data reporting and maximum data transmittal for superior in-building penetration. Telguard’s advance tool has straightforward web interface for 24/7 access of Telguard-based service. Telguard also offers seamless connectivity between the alarm panel and the communicator, other devices within the zone and the central station.

Key features:

  • Uses LTE network
  • Supports all alarm formats (Contact ID, SIA2, etc.)
  • With automatic self-test (scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • 128-bit AES alarm signals
  • 12V DC or battery powered
  • 2 programmable supervisory trip outputs
  • With free app, HomeControl Flex, in remotely arming and disarming
  • Optional video capabilities for remote viewing of event-triggered clips, images, and real-time video

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