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The Honeywell LTE-XV communicator is designed to work with the Honeywell VISTA security alarm panel on the Verizon LTE network. This device is integral to the system using Total Connect 2.0 service. Connect your communicator device with the control panel for fast, efficient, and reliable transfer of data to the central monitoring system.

The LTE-XV model is the first Verizon LTE communicator that is AlarmNet ready. This feature defines the expansion of Honeywell’s cellular equipment lineup, considering network coverage and speed. Getting the most coverage means more security to every household. You would rather choose to equip your home with the system having the fastest data transmission especially during emergencies where important alarms need to be triggered and sent to the central station.

As more cellular carriers fade out in time, the LTV-XV places your security system for the future. Its advanced technological revolution brings the Honeywell VISTA system to the next level since you don’t need to replace this hardware soon. The LTE-XV is built to last.

  • Key features:
  • Verizon LTE cellular communicator for the Honeywell VISTA series
  • LTE radios for the latest 4G standards
  • Unmatched in speed and reliability
  • Uses Total Connect version 2.0
  • Operates similar to other Honeywell X model cellular communicators
  • 4 LEDs for system diagnostic purposes; registration to server, integration; signal strength, etc.

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