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The Honeywell LTE L3A is a cellular communicator intended for the LYNX Plus L3000 security alarm panel. Using 4G cellular LTE network from AT&T, this communicator works effectively and allow the security control panel to connect using firmware Total Connect 2.0. LTE network is highly reliable in terms of speed and efficient delivery of signals and data. To be able to maximize the benefits of using Honeywell LTE L3A, ensure to register it with AlarmNet360.

The LYNX Plus security system offers an uncompromising technology. The system has quick install features, readily understandable, and gives you the full peace of mind at home or to any environment you have decided to set it up.

Key features:

  • Full contact ID
  • LEDs for status diagnostics
  • Remote diagnostics and programming (AlarmNet360 Online Management Platform)
  • With remote service management, firmware upgrade over the air


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