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AlarmNet 360 LYNX L5210/L7000 LTE-L57A


T he Alarmnet 360 LTE-L57A is compatible only with the L5210/L7000 and L5200 panels using firmware version 9.00.209 or up. This communication module is the model that connects with the AT&T LTE network, providing fast, stable, and reliable data transmission.

LTE, which stands for ‘long-term evolution’, implies longevity and stability, from which LTE is known for—high-speed and super reliable, which is vital to data transmission especially concerning consistent communication with the central monitoring station. The 4G and even the introduction of 5G networks will still be supported by AT&T, making your homes and small business secured and protected for the many years to come. In fact, the LYNX Touch panels is worth an investment to keep as they continue to reliable and efficient.

Cellular networks are more reliable against interruption or power outage compared to Wi-Fi, a proof that your system will remain hooked on the central station even if electricity is out. Such security only speaks of speed, which almost would never go down in terms of efficient delivery of notifications.

Key features:

  • Access remotely using smartphone or mobile device
  • Z-wave smart for integral access to home appliance and devices
  • Cellular monitoring for 24/7 security
  • Interactive monitoring and automation can be done using web or mobile app
  • LTE speed for faster communication with AlarmNet
  • Required firmware 9.000.209 or higher version

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