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AlarmNet 360 LYNX L5210/L7000 LTE-L57V


Description: The LTE-L57V connects to the LYNX L5210/L7000 control panels. It is a security device that functions as a communicator that transmits signals to AlarmNet Network Control Center, and then transmits the necessary data to the designated central station.
This cellular device communicates with the LTE network, which offers the most stable and viable cellular life, compared with traditional communication methods, such as VoIP, POTS, and the continued development of cellular technology. As what LTE (long-term evolution) implies, this connectivity type will outlast other networks for many more years, giving you more stability and security in your current system and making your investment worth the spend compared when choosing older networks such as 2G and Verizon’s CDMA.

Key features:

  • Firmware version is 9.0 or higher
  • Full Contact ID
  • LEDs for monitoring and device diagnostics, and signal strength
  • Remote service access on real-time alerts, video viewing anytime and through PC or mobile device
  • Provides remote firmware upgrade
  • Uses 256-bit advanced encryption standard for more secure communication

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