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The DSC Impassa TL8055LT works on Verizon LTE technology for fast and efficient speed and provides the longest service life taking advantage of the latest technology. With built-in two-way voice over LTE, dual external antennas for flexible location of best signal strength.

Used PowerG PIRcam motion detectors on image monitoring; plus weather status alerts displayed on panel via Alarm.com. Upgradeable firmware built on the panel and multi-device access through Z-wave automation.

Key features:

  • Dual external antennas allow flexible placement for best signal strength
  • Built-in EmPower/ Z-Wave automation
  • Remote firmware upgradeable over cellular or IP path via Alarm.com AirFX
  • Verizon LTE cellular technology
  • Built-in 2-way audio over LTE (VoLTE capable)
  • Supports Alarm.com image sensor via virtual zone

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