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Alula Cryptix Tilt Detector (RE606)


The RE606 is a security alarm device that is triggered when a door or any equipment tilts. Ideal for doors in the basement or garage, mostly not noticeable by anyone in the home when opened.

The RE606 is perfect for homes mostly unattended. Doors situated in the basement, garage, or unlikely areas where intruders most likely would attack. Just mount the device on door near hatches. Any movement or tilt should trigger an alarm when the tilt reachers around 45 degrees. When unarmed, it should be vertically standing.

Key features:

  • Alarms on more than 45-degree tilt
  • Works on tilting or lifting doors or any movement
  • Should be vertically mounted in non-alarm position
  • Battery status indication
  • Strong and reliable radio frequency signal
  • 10 to 15-year battery life

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