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Alula Wireless Standard Door/Window Contact (RE601)


The Alula RE601 is a wireless motion sensor used on doors for safety against intruders and strangers. The device is designed with two external contact zones that alarm when pulled away from the sensor (the other pair) or when an external contact is sensed.

It is basically used for doors and windows and to sense their opening and closing. With high radio frequency signal, you can be assured that this security transmitter you will be extra safe in your home when you needed it most and for things have no control of, such as when there is dubious entrance to your premises.

Key features:

  • Strong radio frequency signal
  • Flat wall mountable
  • Cover tamper
  • Built with 2 supplemental hardwire zones
  • 6 to 8-year battery life
  • Battery status indicator

Manual: Download


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