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Alula Glass Break Sensor (RE629)


Alula RE629 Glassbreak Detector Connect+

Alula RE629 is a Connect+ wireless glassbreak detector that is used to monitor sound of broken glass and it is compatible with the Alula Connect+ wireless security system. This sensor has four sensitivity levels and you can adjust the sensor to each individual application, giving you flexibility and reliability, knowing your home and business have the best in intrusion detection. If the sensor detects glass break, the LED will turn on for 5 seconds. Alula glass break detector RE629 also has a low battery supervision, a cover taper to increase reliability, and includes Very High Bonding tape for ease of installation.

Key features:

  • 360-degree all-direction coverage
  • Variable detection range of up to 20 feet
  • Reliable, high radio frequency signal
  • Low battery and tamper indication
  • VHB™ tape included for easy installation
  • Great for homes and business with glass door and windows

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