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Honeywell Wireless Glass Break Detector (5853)


The Honeywell 5853 device is a wireless glassbreak detector and is the best defense against burglars and intruders. It is built for optimum performance that is immune to false alarm and protects your home against obtrusive attack.

With built-in signal processor that makes use of application-specific integrated circuit or ASIC for processing in parallel rather than sequential. This allows sound duration, frequency, and amplitude faster to lessen false alarms.

Can easily be mounted on walls or ceiling within a maximum 25-feet range and no minimum limitation range. With LED indicators for different modes; test, alarm, and trouble. Compatible with 5800 wireless devices series.

Key features:

  • With built-in FlexCore signal processor
  • Can be remotely activated
  • Has four sensitivity settings; from low to lowest, medium, and maximum)
  • Works on many varieties of glass (laminate, tempered, wired, etc.)
  • 10-year battery life
  • Back case tamper
  • Sleek design, blends with home or wall feature

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