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3 Extras Home Alarm Monitoring Will Give You in Addition to Security

No home is ever truly safe from break-ins, theft, or fire. While certain devices are designed with the express purpose of inhibiting or combating these threats, home security is more than just about preventing crime and the loss of or damage to property. Should a fire break out in your home, for instance, you must promptly alert the authorities to ensure a timely emergency response.

You definitely need to keep an eye out for anything and everything that can endanger your life, limb and property. Luckily, sophisticated home security devices allow you to track, for example, the number of times a door has been opened or closed. In theory, many electronic security devices in a home can be remotely monitored. In line with modern needs, home security monitoring companies like Alarm Relay offer the following services to help you safeguard your most prized possessions.

Internet and Phone Usage

Bundled phone and internet services are easy enough to monitor. At the same time, a reputable alarm monitoring company also takes into account the homeowner’s privacy at all times. In any case, the ability to keep track of the number of times your internet or phone line has been used is extremely helpful in detecting instances of unauthorized access.

Fire Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring is an important component of any home fire alarm system. After all, you’ll want to alert the local fire department the moment the alarm goes off. Additionally, some devices can also be modified to keep track of carbon monoxide levels inside your home. Some can even be operated using a smartphone or a tablet.

Entry Tracking

An alarm monitoring company can also keep track of how many times each door has been opened and closed. This is relevant to any homeowner who wants to keep an eye on his/her property. While crime prevention is still their primary purpose, security systems can also be a useful monitoring tool to constantly keep track of who’s coming and going from your home. There may be no such thing as a 100 percent-secured home, but alarm monitoring services can provide the next best thing.

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