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Home Intrusions Turned Deadly: Why You Need Internet Alarm Monitoring Services

There’s a popular misconception that only rich people with tons of cash and priceless jewelry in their possession need to keep their homes under 24/7 surveillance. Over the years, however, countless burglaries have transpired not in mansions but in modest homes across the United States. Some of these incidents unfortunately turned violent and deadly.

Such incidents may have been prevented had the homeowners invested in efficient internet alarm monitoring services. With this security feature in place, alarm signals can be transmitted via the Internet directly to the monitoring company’s central automation system so that local authorities can respond immediately. To drive the point home, here’s a brief look at a few home invasion incidents where the victims met tragic, bloody ends.

Atlanta, Georgia

Four men broke into a businessman’s home sometime in October 2002. The home apparently doubled as his place of business, and this led the suspects on to assume that the property was loaded with cash and other valuables. The businessman tried to fight off the robbers and was consequently shot.

Houston, Texas

In March 2011, two gunmen stormed an apartment where a young man and his friend where hanging out. The two suspects held the victims at gunpoint. The young man’s friend attempted to escape and was shot straight away.

Long Island, NY

In May 2013, a masked man forcibly entered the home of a 21-year-old college student who was with her twin sister and a friend at the time. The alleged criminal took the twin sisters hostage, while the other woman was told to withdraw money from a bank. The woman alerted the police, who arrived at the scene of the crime and exchanged gunfire with the masked man, which led to the unfortunate shooting of the said college student.

The above examples show that the risk of a deadly home invasion should never be taken for granted. As such, don’t be complacent when it comes to your home’s defenses. By employing an effective alarm monitoring service, police can immediately respond when alerted through the system and protect your household from intruders with criminal intentions.

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