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Credentials to Check When Choosing a Home Security Monitoring Service

How valuable is your “humble” abode? Think about it: you’ve spent thousands of dollars, maybe even millions in the construction of your home, then you shell out more money for furnishings, a bit of landscaping, alarm system installations, and those priceless possessions now stored inside your house. Humility aside, you know that your home is a diamond mine for burglars, and you can only sleep better if you’re sure everything within it is safe. Therefore, it’s important for you to find a leading home security monitoring service provider to look after your property 24/7.

However, don’t just settle for the first monitoring company you encounter. Try to evaluate multiple service providers and opt for the one that positively stands out. While assessing your prospects, find out if these companies are accredited with recognized organizations in the industry, or if they have the following credentials to their name:

BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the consumer’s best friend, thanks to the millions of business reliability reviews it provides. Companies that have been accredited by the BBB have met accreditation standards, including a company’s commitment to maintaining and nurturing the trust of its customers by providing quality services, products, and customer relations.

UL Certification

To know if the gadgets used by the company are safe and of high quality, which means less glitches or disruptions in the company’s services, ask if the company itself is a UL-certified central station. When equipment or technology used by the company pass standards, the central station itself is certified. The Underwriters Laboratories or UL is an international organization focused on product safety testing, granting safety-related certifications, and the promotion of UL standards (e.g. sustainability, redundancy and compliancy).

SIA Affiliation

A reliable alarm monitoring company, such as Alarm Relay, maintains the efficiency of its central station by providing alarm operators with adequate education and training. The Security Industry Association (SIA) conducts central station training programs for employees of alarm monitoring companies. Trained alarm operators are less likely to make mistakes and are more efficient in dealing with alarms and dispatching.

If possible, choose a service provider with most, if not all, of the credentials enumerated above. Your beloved family as well as your precious home deserve the best protection you can find and afford. Having eyes on your property at all times is an inexpensive luxury with tremendous benefits.

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