The Rescu App | Alarm Relay
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The Rescu App

The Rescu App allows you to send Emergency Responders to your location from your smartphone. Help can be dispatched with just “two taps” and No Talking is required!

Why do you need Rescu on vacation?

In case of an emergency, you need help quickly. You may want the police. fire or an ambulance. Wouldn’t it be convenient to get help when vacationing and not have to research or look for local authorities? Just enter the address where you are and let Rescu do the rest. Two taps and help is on the way…no talking required. Travel with Peace of Mind. When on vacation or at home, the fastest way to get help is the Rescu App. Be prepared.

The Benefits:

⁃Emergency help with just two taps

⁃No security system is necessary to operate the service

⁃No talking required, send for help discreetly

⁃Dispatch police when you see an intruder on your security camera

⁃Rescu is FASTER than 911

⁃Speak to a LIVE operator if you want to provide additional info about your emergency

⁃YOU control the dispatch to all emergency responders

⁃Notifies your “Family and Friends” instantly via Text

⁃Rescu can save your life and it’s incredibly inexpensive

⁃Have the ability to send Emergency Responders to Home, Work, Mom’s House, Kid’s School and more



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