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Telguard Alarm Communicators for Homes and Businesses

Both homes and businesses place significance on security, and having the correct security system in place is essential for peace of mind. The TG-4 LTE, TG-7 LTE Communicator, and TG-1 Fast LTE Communicator are just a few of the effective and dependable security products.
Telguard Communicators

Telguard TG-4 LTE

Using Verizon’s LTE cellular network, the Telguard TG-4 LTE functions as a primary or backup alarm communicator. The TG-4 LTE model uses the LTE cellular network to send alarm signals to the central station if a situation arises such as a phone line is down. The TG-4 LTE is the ideal panel for full security and fire events in residential and commercial buildings since it has 128-bit AES alarm signals, two programmable supervisory trip outputs, and optional video capabilities for remote viewing. Moreover, it contains a feature that allows remote arming and disarming using an app.


Telguard TG-7 LTE

The Telguard TG-7 LTE is a communicator that utilizes the cellular network to communicate with the selected alarm panel. It may be utilized as either a main (for cellular and telco backup) or a backup (Telco primary and cellular backup). The TG-7 series provides total protection in homes, enterprises, and commercial settings by transmitting alarm signals via the national digital cellular network. The TG-7 LTE maintains the battery’s charge and features two configurable system problem conditions (STC), automatic self-test and remote query signals, full communication path supervision, and its power source.


Telguard TG-1 Express LTE

A cellular communicator that is UL approved for home fire systems and home burglary systems is the Telguard TG-1 Express LTE. In such cases, it may serve as the main communication channel or as both a home burglary and fire alarm system. The TG-1 Express LTE employs the digital cellular network to transport data and alarm signals from the control panel to the central station with its primary alarm transmission for burglary and fire. It is installed in the same location as the alarm panel and is immediately connected via an RJ-45 jack. When the TG-1 Express LTE is unable to register with the cellular network, it announces a no-service situation using the NSC feature.

With options for various settings and applications, Telguard provides high-quality security with seamless communication and maximum data transmission.

For the best in-building penetration, all Telguard solutions provide unlimited comprehensive data reporting and maximum data transmittal. The advanced tool from Telguard offers an easy-to-use online interface for 24/7 access to Telguard-based service as well as constant contact between the central station, other devices in the zone, and the communicator and alarm panel.

In terms of how these products differ from one another, the TG-4 LTE is most suited for full security and fire events in residential and business settings, while the TG-7 LTE is more appropriate for commercial settings because of its STC feature and comprehensive communication path supervision. On the other hand, the TG-1 Express LTE is UL approved for home burglary and fire systems, making it the perfect choice for those applications.

For dependable home or business security, choose the right Telguard LTE Communicator.

It’s crucial to thoroughly weigh your alternatives to make sure that your house or business is protected with the appropriate security system. You may be sure that with any model of TG-4 LTE, TG-7 LTE Communicator, or TG-1 Express LTE Communicator you select, you’re getting a high-quality security product that will offer trustworthy security.
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