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Designing the Perfect Alarm for Your Home

Now that you have braved the perils of tax season, it is time to make use of that rebate. Upgrading your home security system is not only a responsible way to allocate the funds from your tax refund, but it can also be fun. By integrating your alarm system with a virtual assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can modernize your living space while heightening home safety. Alarm Relay products and services can help you make a seamless transition at an affordable cost.

Getting Started

Before you upgrade your system, you should determine what you like about your current home security devices and which areas you would like to strengthen. To help you brainstorm, review this list of equipment Alarm Relay offers:

Using Alarm Relay, you can transform your home into a smart home by integrating smart locks with your home security system, adding remote thermostat control, and designing a smart lighting schedule. When you upgrade to an Alarm Relay alarm system you can add additional protections like video monitoring, and remote arming/disarming from a smartphone. Alarm Relay also provides 24/7 monitoring, if your home security system is triggered  the proper authorities are dispatched immediately. You can also integrate life safety devices like fire detectors, flood sensors and medical monitoring devices to keep your family as secure as possible.

Installing Your System

After you purchase the security system that fits your needs, Alarm Relay makes installation simple. Alarm Relay security systems are designed to be installed by  the user, eliminating the need for costly in-person visits from technicians. Once you have the equipment arranged where you want it, you will have a remote setup appointment with a technician. The Alarm Relay technician will activate your alarm system and help troubleshoot any initial snags.

Save Energy on Saving Energy

Have you ever settled under your covers for the evening only to realize you forgot to adjust the thermostat or turn off that one light? Thanks to Alarm Relay’s mobile support features, you never have to make those nighttime rounds again. You can control lights, locks and temperatures from your smartphone. Alarm Relay  also supports all of your favorite Z-wave home automation devices.

Save Even More

Thanks to our status as a nationally recognized U.L. Listed security monitoring provider, you may be able to enjoy a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance rates when you use our services. Check with your insurance company to find out if any of our packages can help you save.

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Use your tax return to make a meaningful change for yourself and your family. Contact Alarm Relay today to learn more about our automated security equipment and monitoring services.

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