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6 Tips to Properly Secure Your Business

In business you always want to make more money than you’re spending. Theft and loss can take a big portion of that profit out of your business.

Unfortunately, the biggest culprit of theft and inventory loss can happen internally. According to Statistic Brain, 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least one time. Increase your business protection with these helpful business security tips.

  1. Invest in a safe:  Keep access to your safe limited to yourself and a few people you trust. There are safes that can be purchased with an option to deposit money without having to access the inside of the safe.
  2. Monitor your register closely: If you own a retail store or restaurant it’s important to monitor and manage your register properly.  Security cameras are the perfect tool to help you supervise employees managing cash registers.
  3. Count your inventory regularly: Theft can happen in many more ways than just taking money. Schedule regular inventory checks to ensure all of your products are accounted for.
  4. Lock up high value items: Keep an extra close eye on your most expensive products.  Locking expensive products in a case is the best way to ensure theft prevention.
  5. Double check vendor orders: Review your vendor bills to ensure there is not an excess of products you did not order. This is often an innocent error but can result in loss of money or an abundance of unneeded product.
  6. Use an access monitoring system for your business:  A business access system allows owners to set up locks and doors to authorize access to users through personalized codes or key cards. Alarm Relay also offers a service called business openings and closings that allows owners to manage and  monitor when employees arm and disarm the business alarm system. Contact us to learn more.

Take preventative measures to protect your business from loss. Learn more about Alarm Relay’s business security monitoring and start implementing protection solutions today.

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