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How to Safety Proof Your Home

In the world we live in today, we are easily distracted by outside forces. We get caught up in the pattern of our daily routines and we sometimes fail to check how safely we are living. Do we pay attention to what could go wrong in our own space?  Make your home a safer place with these tips.

  • Protect your sliding doors and windows: Place a sturdy bar or long wooden block in the frame of sliding glass doors and windows to make intrusion difficult.  Add door and window sensors to all access points in your home to monitor if someone tries breaking in.
  • Install chain locks on front and back doors: If someone picks your lock or tries to smash your door open, a sturdy chain lock can be your last line of defense for keeping potential intruders out.
  • Install a monitored fire detector and a monitored carbon monoxide detector: The safest home is a home where the owner is actively trying to prevent tragedy. No one ever believes they could become a fire or carbon monoxide victim, don’t wait until it’s too late to implement life protection monitoring! Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, pets are affected by the deadly poison first and people are affected shortly after. Make sure you have smoke detector monitoring and carbon monoxide monitoring to ensure your personal safety.
  • Cover unused electrical plugs and weather-proof external electrical outlets: To prevent an electrical fire, it’s important to keep moisture and dust from getting inside.
  • Put an anti static rubber mat in front of appliances: Especially in front of your washer and dryer. Stand on it while doing your laundry and it can prevent you from getting shocked!
  • If possible, install a fire extinguisher near your kitchen: Grease fires and kitchen explosions can happen in a matter of seconds, make sure you purchase an extinguisher that can also put out grease fires. If your phone is close, use the Rescu app to send an alert to your local fire department.
  • Alarm monitoring system:  Protect your home with a dependable alarm system and home monitoring company. Visit the Alarm Relay website to learn how you can protect your home or business for just $8.95/month.
  • Have your fireplace(s) cleaned regularly: Build up of creosote in your chimney can cause explosions if there is enough build up. Make sure to chimney sweep often!
  • Evaluate your home’s structural safety: Boost your home safety and preparedness by having someone look at the structural integrity of your home. Avoid having any part of your home crumbling in the event of a natural occurrence such as an earthquake.
  • Practice flood prevention: Flooding can cause structural and electrical damage in your home. Prevent it before it happens by adding flood barriers to your home and installing monitored flood detectors. Call an Alarm Relay representative to learn which flood detectors are compatible with your alarm monitoring system.
  • Do a daily safety check: There is nothing more effective than double checking your environment. Go through your home daily and search for open door and windows, make sure your stove and oven are off, blow out any candles, and unplug unused electrical devices.

Alarm Relay believes that safety comes first.  Leading a safe life gives you the independence and peace of mind to enjoy life worry free and confident about the well being of you and your family. Contact Alarm Relay to learn how our security service can keep your home and family safe for only $8.95/month.

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