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The Dangers of Having Only Wired Monitoring Communications

What’s the weakest part of any home alarm system?

Many people would answer it’s the hardware of the system itself: communication errors, faulty sensors, or outdated equipment. But the chances of such hardware failures are low compared to the biggest weakness of all: using only a landline for your security system monitoring communications.

Even if your hardware fails, we can still contact you and help you troubleshoot your system. And in most cases, our UL listed Central Station will contact you immediately to inform you that your device has a hardware issue. But if you’re using our alarm monitoring service solely via a landline, what can you do if your landline goes out?

Answer: nothing. You might not even realize the line is out. If you haven’t given us an alternate form of communication, we can’t contact you. All it takes is a storm to knock down a phone line and your system will go unmonitored. And all an intruder has to do to break into your house is snip your landline. The alarm may go off, but like the proverbial tree in the forest, will anyone be around to hear it?

Backups Are Essential

We strongly believe that a backup form of communication is absolutely essential for customers with a home alarm system that utilizes a landline. We offer two forms of alternate communication: cellular alarm monitoring and internet alarm monitoring.

Don’t believe your alarm system will function with a cellular module instead of a traditional landline? You may be surprised: nearly all types of alarm panels can communicate with cellular/GSM communication. Plus, the signal isn’t accessible to anyone save for those with access to the alarm panel. Also, unlike landlines, a cellular line cannot be cut. Looking to get rid of the landline once and for all? We can also monitor your system with a cellular module as your primary form of communication.

In addition, we offer internet alarm monitoring, which monitors the internet modules communication with our UL listed Central Station constantly. Our internet modules also allow us to instantly detect outages or alarm signals. If you’d prefer to use cellular communications as your primary line for your alarm monitoring service, you can always use internet communications as your backup (or vice versa).

To see if your module is compatible with our system, check out our list of supported Internet modules and cell modules.

Establish Your Backup Today

Your alarm system is only as strong as your means of communication. We can’t recommend it enough: if you haven’t done so already, call us today and establish a secondary means of communication for security system monitoring. It’s our job to keep you safe. Every hour. Every day. And having a backup form of communication guarantees we can continue to do just that.


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