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Even the Famous Get Burglarized

Four Sobering Reasons to Invest in an Alarm Monitoring Service

It doesn’t matter how well-known you are or how imposing your house is: robberies can happen to anyone. And we mean anyone — even the rich and famous.

Here are some of the worst  burglaries of the rich and famous in recent history.

1. The Infamous “Bling Ring”

If you want to attempt a burglary of a celebrity’s house, you’ve got to be a professional, right? Someone with years and years of thieving experience under their belt. Someone straight out of a real-life Ocean’s 11.

Well, as the now-infamous “Bling Ring” proved, you’d be wrong.

Five out of the six members of the “Bling Ring”—a group of Hollywood thieves who targeted the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Megan Fox—were teenagers. Raised by well-to-do families in the Valley, some of the group’s successful steals were a $2 million jewelry heist from Hilton (who the group burglarized multiple times over the course of several months), $500,000 worth of Rolex watches and Louis Vutton suitcases from Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom, and $130,000 worth of clothes and jewelry from Lindsay Lohan’s mansion. Rachel Bilson and The Hills star Audrina Patridge were also targets.

So why were these stars—all of which could afford Louboutin’s and Louis Vutton, let alone an alarm system—burglarized? And why did it take so long for police to catch the members of the Bling Ring?

Nearly all the stars confessed to not having their alarms set or were not utilizing alarm monitoring from a UL Central Station. Many targeted celebrities (including Paris  Hilton and Orlando Bloom) had even left a door unlocked, allowing the teen gang to simply walk in the house without any sign of criminal conduct.  Only two of the burglarized stars (Hilton and Patridge) even had surveillance video to show to the police.

2. An Artwork Heist While Kate Moss Slept

As brazen as the Bling Ring was, at least they had the sense to wait until their celebrity targets were out of town before breaking in. Art thieves broke into Kate Moss’ home in London and proceeded to steal three pieces of valuable artwork, including a portrait by graffiti artist Banksy worth approximately $140,000…and they did it all while Moss, her boyfriend, and her mother slept in the very same home.

Some sources have suggested the thieves had prior knowledge of Moss’ home, and thus were able to slip in and out undetected. If Moss had had alarm monitoring, the supermodel would have known immediately about the intruders.

3. A Creepy Would-Be Member of Diddy’s Entourage Made Himself at Home

The same man has been breaking into rapper and music icon Diddy’s New York mansion since 2001…but nothing has ever been stolen.

Quamine Taylor, a Diddy fan/stalker/would-be member of Diddy’s entourage, has repeatedly broken into Diddy’s home in order to live like Diddy—which apparently included drinking the star’s alcohol, trying on his clothes, eating his food, and even sleeping in Diddy’s bed. When he was arrested after a 24-hour spree at Diddy’s house in spring 2012, Taylor confessed he was able to break into the star’s home via an unlocked door in the basement.

4. Jon Bon Jovi Loses $100,000 in Jewelry

After breaking into numerous homes in the area, Nicholas Tracy arrived at Jon Bon Jovi’s home on the Jersey shore and walked off with approximately $100,000 worth of the singer’s jewelry.

Happily, the thief was caught soon after when Tracy tried to rob Bon Jovi’s neighbor. Unlike Bon Jovi, the neighbor had a home alarm system and security system monitoring….which immediately alerted the police, who caught the thief red-handed.

Don’t Be Like Paris or Bon Jovi: Invest in an Alarm Monitoring Service

Not all celebrities are so careless with their homes and possessions. In fact, Alarm Relay even provides internet alarm monitoring for a variety of celebrity homes, keeping their valuables safe while they’re away, or even while they sleep. Don’t follow Paris, Lindsay, or Diddy’s example: Lock your doors. Activate your home alarm system. Invest in UL listed security system monitoring. Otherwise, it could be your jewelry, clothes, and electronics walking out the door instead.

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