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How to Switch Your Alarm Monitoring Provider

When most people purchase a home or business alarm system, they often have no idea security system monitoring is a separate service. As a result, many alarm system owners sign onto a long-term contract for landline, cellular, or internet alarm monitoring. When they find out other providers offer UL Listed alarm monitoring services,  people often assume that switching is a complicated process, and they choose to stick with their current provider for convenience.

We want all alarm system owners to know two things: You can change your monitoring provider; and the process for switching monitoring companies is not that difficult. Here’s a step-by-step guide for changing your alarm monitoring service provider.

1. Shop Around to Find the Best Provider

When looking for an alarm company, you need to make a decision on which provider would work best for your family or your business. While we hope you choose our services here at Alarm Relay, we know how important it is to make an informed decision about your security service provider. When looking for a new monitoring company, it’s a good idea to ask the questions below before starting monitoring.

  • “Are you a UL Listed Central Station?”
  • “How long is your contract/agreement?”
  • “Are you a member of the BBB?” If so, “What is your rating with them?”
  • “What is your response time?”
  • “Do you lock out my panel?”
  •  “Does the price ever increase?” If so, “How much and how often?”

Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our UL Listed Central Station and security system monitoring services. You can take a look around our blog to learn more about our company and the security industry, or browse through our different services for more information.

2.  Contact Your Current Provider

In order to switch, you’ll need to know when your contract expires. Many companies set up their contracts to automatically renew. If your contract is just a few months away from expiring, find out what you’ll need to do to switch when it expires. Although rare, your contract may not have a cancellation or termination fee.

3. Submit a Letter to Your Provider

As soon as you’ve decided to switch, send your current monitoring company a certified letter stating that you intend to continue service on a month-to-month basis when your contract expires. Include your name, address, and account number within the letter, and state when your contract is set to expire.  Most companies require a certified letter 30 days prior to switching, but don’t wait: send your letter as soon as possible.

Check with your provider to see which address you should send the letter to; additionally, find out if there are any other details about your account or your request that you’ll need to include. Even if your company does not require you to send your letter via certified mail, we highly recommend doing so: it’s the only way you can protect yourself and have proof that your letter was sent and received.

4. Choose Your Services With Your New Provider

Do you want to monitor your system’s activity via text or email? Would you like to set up internet alarm monitoring or monitor when your home alarm system is activated or deactivated? Consider of all your options. Work with your new monitoring provider to find out exactly what you need to know in order to switch. If you sign up with Alarm Relay, we’ll verify if we can use your existing equipment for monitoring with us and we’ll guide you through switching services, step-by-step. Our trained staff will assist with any technical support inquiries you may have with your system, and we’ll tirelessly test your system connections until we’re sure that communication is working exactly as it should be.

We know setting up your monitoring service with your new provider should be hassle-free, especially when compared to terminating your old contract—and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to saving over $20 to $40 a month.

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