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What it Takes to be UL Listed

Alarm Relay is proud to be UL listed for both alarm monitoring service and Burglar and Fire system installation. We take pride in the fact that not only do we offer security system monitoring at an amazing value, but we also have our operations tested and inspected biannually by UL Inspectors to ensure our safety measures. If you don’t know what being “UL listed” means — or why we take our UL listing so seriously — then we want to take a little time to explain what makes being approved by UL so difficult — and why we’re so proud to be listed.

What Does “UL” Even Mean?

“UL” stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a not-for-profit safety standards and certification company. For over 100 years, Underwriter Laboratories has set forth and maintained safety requirements and regulations. The company also offers safety certification programs for those who’ve been proven to meet all of UL’s standards. Though the company got its start in electricity safety in the late 19th century, Underwriter Laboratories now offers studies on everything from fire safety to water quality to, of course, alarm monitoring and installation.

Why is Being UL Listed Such a Big Deal?

The UL listing process is a difficult one. Companies must make sure they hold themselves to the highest safety standards in the industry and then maintain those safety standards in the years to come. UL inspections aren’t a one-time thing; companies must undergo a rigorous inspection to be listed by UL in the first place, and they must be re-inspected every six months thereafter to maintain their listing.

There’s not even a requirement or law that dictates companies who monitor home alarm systems must be listed by UL; it’s completely voluntary. But we believe that the safety and security of our customers is of paramount importance, so for us, making sure we meet the highest safety standards in the industry wasn’t optional — it was a necessity.

So How Do You Get to Be UL Listed?

An alarm monitoring station must first undergo an extensive inspection (and then follow-up inspections every six months) that analyzes everything from the physical building safety of the Central Station to employee training and staffing. Everything is thoroughly tested and inspected. Inspectors look at power sources, operations, communications, home alarm system monitoring equipment, safety training procedures, power and generator backup, staff performance, and much, much more.

We’re proud to say we’ve been UL listed for over ten years — a decade of meeting, maintaining, and updating the highest safety standards in the industry. From our automated receivers that keep your alarm system in constant contact with our Central Station to the Alarm Relay staff member who calls you after each and every alarm, every aspect of our monitoring services has been inspected and certified to help us keep your family safe.

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