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Benefits of Monitoring Your Home Alarm System (The Alarm Relay Way)

We’ll be bold: there’s little use in having a home alarm system if you’re not having it monitored.

Without it, your alarm is just a noisemaker: loud and attention getting, sure, but largely ineffective. It’s an empty threat.

Alarm monitoring, on the other hand, keeps your home safe even when no one’s home — that way, you don’t have to be on guard at odd hours of the day, that’s what Alarm Relay is for – our certified staff monitors your safety, every hour of every day. An alarm goes off? We’ll call you to let you know. Nuisance alarm happens by accident? No problem — we call you before we dispatch police. If there is something wrong with your system? We’ll help you understand and fix whatever the problem is.

Security system monitoring isn’t an add-on service or an optional luxury: it’s a necessity. But what makes Alarm Relay different from every other alarm monitoring company out there? Here’s a look at some of the benefits of having Alarm Relay manage your home alarm monitoring.

We’re UL Listed for Both Installation and Monitoring — and we Have Been for over Ten Years

Being listed by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) means we’ve passed the most rigorous safety inspection in the industry, and we’ve continued to pass that inspection for over ten years running. From day-to-day monitoring to troubleshooting technical problems with your system, you can rest easy knowing both our monitoring teams and technical teams are the best in the business.

It’s Not Enough to be an Expert: We Emphasize Customer Service, too

Our customers switch to us for our low $8.95 monthly* fee, but they stay for the customer service. Our clients have told us that we’re not only cheaper than other alarm companies, we’re friendlier, too! Whatever your concern — from questions about switching your security system monitoring provider to walking you through any technical issues — you can call us at any time and speak to a live friendly customer service representative.

We Offer Complimentary Fire Monitoring

We won’t just guard your home against intruders: we’ll guard against devastating fires, too. If we detect a fire, we’ll call you and dispatch the fire department immediately. And we’ll never charge you a dime for it. We’ll monitor virtually any device that is on your alarm system. Whether you have 2 sensors or 40 sensors, we’ll monitor it for the same low rate.

We Own and Operate our Central Station

When you call us, you’re not connected to a call center or a customer service hotline — you’re calling our Central Station, operated by highly trained alarm dispatching operators. All of our alarm monitoring service is done in-house. In fact, we can afford to charge such affordable rates because we’ve cut out the middle man: most alarm systems are sold by independent dealers who outsource monitoring to another company. We save you money by eliminating the unnecessary over-head that other companies charge for (i.e. trucks, gas, local security technicians etc.). Safety for your home should be a standard and affordable option for everyone – that’s why we offer our superb service at a great rate.

Want to learn more about the Alarm Relay way of alarm monitoring? Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly representatives — we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our alarm monitoring services.

 *Paid annual in advance.

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