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Why Most Customers Overpay for Alarm Monitoring

There’s no denying that monitoring services are every bit as important as owning an alarm system. Unfortunately, most people who choose to invest in alarm monitoring providers are often vastly overcharged for monitoring services — and worse still, they aren’t informed of other options out there.

What are you really paying for when you subscribe to these $30/month services? Why do most people end up overpaying for basic monitoring services?

If you’re afraid you might be paying too much for security monitoring — read on.

1. You Didn’t Know There Were Other Options

Maybe you didn’t know that there are other UL listed security system monitoring services that are compatible with your alarm besides what your security provider offers. Maybe you just didn’t know to shop around or compare prices. You may not have even known that there are other monitoring companies out there. So you opted for whatever your provider offers…and wound up paying much more than you needed to.

2. You’re Locked Into a Long-Term Contract

Once a traditional security company has you on the hook, they like to keep you on the hook, and they’ll punish you financially if you try to break your contract. Between pricy three-year contracts and sky-high cancellation fees, companies try as hard as they can to keep you from switching to another provider. If you’d like to switch, you must submit a certified letter in writing that states you’d like to terminate your agreement within 30 days of the contract termination date. Knowing your options and contractual obligations is important, because there may be cancellation fees if you terminate early.

3. You Fell For a Low Installation Fee

Many security alarm providers offer bargain prices on your installation fees if you sign onto a long-term monitoring contract…a contract that has you typically paying over $30/month for three to five years. This is mainly designed to help you pay off the cost of your security system over a long-term plan. Unfortunately, these providers don’t tell you when you’ve paid off your system; rather, they keep charging you sky-high monthly fees for monitoring services long after your security system is paid off.

4. You’re Paying Extra for Fire Monitoring at Your Residence

There’s no reason your monitoring company shouldn’t offer fire monitoring services to residential accounts as part of their security system monitoring package. You shouldn’t be paying extra for fire monitoring with another company when there are companies like Alarm Relay, where fire monitoring is included in the basic residential monitoring package.

Stop Overpaying for Alarm Monitoring

There’s no reason you should pay $30-50/month for basic UL listed monitoring service. Alarm Relay has the exact same security qualifications and service area as other (overpriced) competitors. Stop overpaying on alarm monitoring services! Do yourself (and your wallet!) a favor and consider a monitoring company, like Alarm Relay, instead. Find out what our customers are saying about us — we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of service you get for a fraction of the cost.

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