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Alarm Relay Compatibility: We Can Support Your Alarm System

One of the top questions Alarm Relay is asked is whether existing alarm systems are supported. The answer is yes, Alarm Relay supports, or has a solution for, almost every security system on the market!

Alarm Relay encourages new customers to use existing alarm equipment.


Alarm Relay wants to save you as much money as possible; customers are not forced to upgrade their alarm system and are never locked into long-term contracts. Many alarm monitoring companies refuse to work with an existing alarm system and require customers to install the company’s preferred alarm monitoring system.

Alarm Relay Remote Technicians help you connect your existing home alarm with monitoring service.

So, how do you set up your existing alarm system with Alarm Relay’s alarm monitoring service? Learn below.

  1. Locate your alarm panel box (This is a separate box from your alarm keypad. It is usually a beige or grey metal box located in a closet, basement, or garage). Please note that a wireless alarm system will not have a metal panel box, the system is built into the keypad.
  2. Once you have located your alarm panel, you will need to open it and look at the wiring diagram on the inside of the door. Please note that you may need a key or screwdriver to open your panel box. Sometimes panel keys are stored on top of the panel. If you cannot find the make and model of your alarm, you can take a picture and one of Alarm Relay’s Representatives can assist you with identifying the alarm panel make and model.
  3. After the make and model of your alarm system has been identified the next step is to identify the method of communication the alarm uses or decide the method(s) you would like to use. An Alarm Relay Representative can guide you through your options.
  4. An Alarm Relay Representative will assist you with signing up your new account over the phone or using our sign up forms.
  5. Once you have placed your order, Alarm Relay will schedule you for a programming appointment to work with a Remote Technician. At the time of the appointment the Alarm Relay Technician will call you and walk you through the process of reprogramming your alarm. These appointments usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour on average.

Which alarm systems are compatible with Alarm Relay?

Alarm Relay specializes in working with all existing hard-wired and wireless alarm systems. Listed below are the most common alarm systems Alarm Relay can takeover. If you do not see your alarm panel listed below it does not mean Alarm Relay does not support it, Alarm Relay supports hundreds of alarm panel models. See a more comprehensive list of compatible alarms here or contact us to learn if your alarm system is supported.

  • Ademco Vista series.
  • Honeywell Lynx & Lynx Touch series.
  • DSC Power/PC series.
  • Safewatch Pro, Safewatch Plus, Safewatch Entrepreneur.
  • GE/ITI Simon series
  • Caddx Networx series.
  • GE Concord series.
  • Napco Magnum Alert series.
  • Napco Gemini series.
  • 2GIG.
  • Linear.
  • Elk.
  • Moose.
  • Radionics.
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