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Use Your Alarm to Save on Home Insurance


At Alarm Relay, we believe in maximizing your savings in all aspects of your life, it’s why we offer our alarm service for $8.95/month. According to the FBI, there were 7,919,035 property crimes in 2016 and the victims of these crimes suffered an estimated combined loss of 15.6 billion dollars. Having a home alarm system can save your life and minimize loss to your property. But did you know that subscribing to an alarm monitoring service can get you an insurance discount of up to 20%?

Why having alarm monitoring can save you up to 20%


Many homeowners believe they live in a safe area and do not think they could be affected by a burglary. However, insurance companies know a break-in can happen even in the safest neighborhood. Burglars are less likely to target a home with an alarm system, therefore most insurance providers offer the homeowner up to a 20% discount when the owner is subscribed to alarm monitoring. Insurance companies also know that if a break in were to occur and an alarm system is in place, the burglar is more likely to be caught and the loss or damage to the home would be less.

How having an alarm system can decrease your odds of a break in:

  • An alarm siren will alert neighbors there is a break in occuring, giving the burglar less time to take/damage your property.
  • Your alarm system sensors and motion detectors send your Central Station the exact location in your home where a burglary is occuring.
  • A well-placed yard sign displaying that your home is protected.
  • Window decals showing your home is monitored.

Some homeowners save so much from their insurance discount that it covers the cost of their $8.95/month alarm monitoring for a whole year.


What to ask your insurance carrier:

  • Do you offer a discount if I have a monitored alarm system?
  • Do you provide a better insurance discount for fire monitoring or carbon monoxide detection?
  • Can I qualify for more savings if I have flood or freeze detection?

According to the NFPA, from 2009-2013, three out of five home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms (38%) or no working smoke alarms (21%)


How to get a proof of an alarm monitoring certificate from Alarm Relay:

  1. Call us: (800) 762-9964 or Email us:
  2. Be prepared to provide: the name on the account, the address of the monitored location, the name of your insurance provider, and your insurance representative’s email or fax number.
  3. We will send a customized insurance certificate directly to your provider.
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