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Ensure Your Business and Employees are Safe in the Event of Fire

Recipe for Safety

Keeping your business and employees safe in an emergency is a multifaceted undertaking. Taking measures to prevent fires is an excellent  first step to tackle. Here are some of our top tips for fire prevention and preparation:

  • Install smoke detectors and replace batteries at least once a year.
  • Have working fire extinguishers available throughout your facility.
  • Develop a fire response plan with your employees and assign tasks to all parties.
  • Hold regular fire drills to help employees stay cognizant of their emergency roles.
  • Partner with Alarm Relay for fire alarm monitoring to watch over your business even when you are away.

Commercial Fire Monitoring

Investing in fire monitoring for your business is like purchasing insurance. You may be hesitant to take on an additional expense, but if an emergency happens, you will be glad you made the decision to invest in fire monitoring. Alarm Relay is a leader in the fire and security monitoring industry. Alarm Relay’s goal is to help customers optimize the effectiveness of their existing alarm systems by providing continuous monitoring services at affordable rates.

Make the Switch

If you already have a security system installed but are not satisfied with the coverage it provides or are looking for more affordable alarm monitoring, you do not need to look any further than Alarm Relay. Alarm Relay  monitors your facility 24/7 and contacts authorities the instant your system is triggered. At such affordable rates, you can enjoy the security you need while continuing to grow your business.

Making the switch to Alarm Relay is easy. Alarm Relay works with you to develop your preferred protocols and establish any special instructions.  All alarm system programming is done remotely to save you time and money.. If you do not have a security system yet or would like to strengthen your existing protection, Alarm Relay offers a full line of equipment, including:

Stay Prepared with Alarm Relay

Alarm Relay knows your business and the people who keep it running are priceless. Fires and other emergencies are extremely stressful, and every second counts. That is why Alarm Relay makes it as easy as possible to get help fast. If you need fire, medical or police presence at work, we’ll dispatch emergency personnel from your local jurisdiction directly to your site. Contact an Alarm Relay representative now to learn more.

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