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Tips for Protecting Your Vacation Rental Property

Tips for Protecting Your Vacation Rental Property

If you have a vacation home that you only stay in during certain times of the year or have a property you rent out to others, it’s important to keep that investment protected, especially while you aren’t there.

Using several security features, your home-away-from-home can be safeguarded against theft and damage. You can prepare your home and prepare your guests to keep your vacation home secure so there’s no worrying about what’s going on while you’re away.

Downloading one of Alarm Relay’s smartphone apps can help you manage your vacation home from anywhere. Alarm Relay’s apps can also unlock doors for guests, set temperatures on the thermostat, or open the garage, depending on your needs.

Install a Security System

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A security system is a great way to control your home from afar. With a security system, you can assign different alarm codes for every time a new guest arrives. This will prevent someone from breaking in and using an alarm code that you assigned them previously. With every guest having their own code, you can be alerted to who disarmed the security system, because the code will identify the user. Just make sure to use a different code for every guest.

Tip: Don’t make the alarm code easy to figure out. Don’t use codes like 1234, 4444, or the house’s address.

Invest in Home Monitoring

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Installing cameras inside and outside your home are the best way to see everything that’s happening. Camera-based home monitoring is a great solution for when no one is in the home. A home monitoring company can make sure there are no break-ins while the property is vacant or can alert you to water damage, like if a pipe bursts or if there’s a flood. If there is any damage or theft, you can review footage to see who and what happened.

Home monitoring is also a great solution for instant smart home control, no matter where you are.

Note: If you install cameras inside the home, guests need to be notified that they’re installed and don’t install the cameras in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, like a bathroom or bedroom.

Many companies that host your rental properties don’t allow recording while guests are present, which is why it’s a great idea to also have an alarm system, too.

Avoid Damages with a Security Deposit

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Requiring a security deposit can keep your guest accountable for their actions while they’re in your rental property. It will more likely prevent them from damaging anything in or around the house. It can also help you cover the cost of any damage if it does occur. Damage can also include a cleaning fee for smoking in the house after you’ve made it clear that smoking inside isn’t allowed.

Include a House Manual

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A house manual can include a lot of helpful information about the house, the area, and can also include house rules. If there are any tips that your guests should know about the house, like where extra blankets are or if there are beach chairs in the garage.

Including house rules for your rental property can help clarify expectations for your guests. You can include information like no smoking in the house or no smoking anywhere. Other rules include no parties or quiet times if you have neighbors.

If you’re located in a coastal area, make sure your home is prepared when a hurricane hits.

With these tips in mind, you can list your property to be rented out without worrying about damage to your home. To learn how you can get 24/7 home monitoring for less than $10 a month, visit here.

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