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take care of your pet while you're on vacation

Taking Care of Your Pet While You’re on Vacation

It’s vacation season, which means for pet owners, there’s an added step before leaving for some much needed R&R. If you make the decision not to board your pet while you’re away, you need to make sure they’re safe in your home and are taken care of in your absence.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet

install cameras to watch your pet home alone

To really keep an eye on your pet, installing cameras is your best option. Cameras allow you to see what your pet is up to and if they’re keeping their regular routine. If you’re worried about leaving your furry family member behind, this is the best way to give yourself peace of mind. Just download a compatible app, such as the Alarm Relay app or the Total Connect 2.0, and check in on them at anytime!

Smart Home Tip: When you install cameras, put them in a room or rooms where they spend most of their time. An elevated angle will allow the camera(s) to capture the majority of a room.

Make Your Home Comfortable

pet owner tips

It can get hot in the summer, especially toward the late afternoon. Your home needs to be well air conditioned so that your pet doesn’t overheat. With a smart thermostat, you can control your house’s temperature no matter how far away you are, so you can adjust the temperature based on the time of day or temperature outside.

Be careful if the thermostat has an “away” mode. This mode is great for saving you money, but it increases the house’s temperature when there’s no motion detected. Make sure your thermostat doesn’t turn off the air conditioning when you’re not home. You can use an app on your phone to do this.

If you have a dog, block or cage off any area that they’re not allowed. For cats, they’re difficult to keep out of places. However, if there’s an unsafe part of your home where the cat can get injured or trapped, make sure you close the room off or make it impossible for them to reach.

Pet Owner Tip: Before you leave, make sure to put an article of clothing or blanket that smells like you in their crate or by their bed. This will signal to your pet that you will return. If your pet is used to an active home, you can play the radio softly.

Pet Sitter

hire a pet sitter when you're away

Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or pet sitting service, your pets need to be checked on and taken care of daily. Leave detailed care instructions for your sitter with your pet’s food, water, and medication schedule. Let them know if your pet has any unique circumstances, such as they’re skittish or tend to make a run for it when the front door is open.

A sitter can also play with your pet and give them much needed attention. Let your sitter visit with your pet beforehand so that your pet knows that they’re not a stranger. If it helps you know your pet is safe, you can also have your sitter send you photos and videos to help you know they’re okay.

With alarm systems, you can program different alarm codes. Your sitter can have their own code so you can see when they’re entering the house. This is an added security feature. If the sitter has their own security code, you can know if they ever use it to break into your house.

Before you leave, make sure everything is squared away for your four-legged friend. Learn how to have your smart home ready for monitoring and security when you leave for vacation.

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