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3 Great Reasons to Invest in Cellular Alarm Monitoring

I already monitor my alarm system via landline – why should I bother subscribing to cellular monitoring?

Without a doubt, landlines are the most popular form of communication amongst our alarm monitoring customers. It’s what most people have been doing for years.

Recently, however, cellular phones have risen as a viable contender to the traditional landline. In fact, A report from Verge.com says that Most US homes no longer use landline phone service and switch to cellular phones. Furthermore, nearly 16% of Americans with home phone lines report receiving all or most of their phone calls on their cell phone, even though they have a working landline.

We still stand 100% by our UL listed security system monitoring services through a landline. But we understand that landline alarm monitoring shouldn’t be the only option our customers have when choosing a monitoring service. Whether you’re thinking about giving up your landline or you just want another level of security, here are three great reasons why cellular monitoring on your alarm system is a good idea.

1. Your Security System Monitoring Won’t be Interrupted if       Your Phone Line Goes Down

Someone hit a telephone poll and your landline is down. Without cellular backup, our central station will not know that your connection to us has been severed. However, if you have cellular monitoring enabled on your home alarm system we can continue our monitoring services without interruption.

2. Your Landline can be Cut

If an intruder knows you have an alarm system installed on your property, he or she can cut your phone line and continue on with  a robbery. Cellular units, on the other hand, can never be cut: they operate wirelessly over a cellular network, which means your home is still protected even if an intruder disables your phone line.

3. You can Continue to be Monitored if You Get Rid of Your       Land Line

If you don’t use your landline often and are thinking about ditching it, your alarm monitoring service can continue uninterrupted with cellular monitoring. If you’d prefer to have backup monitoring communication besides your cellular connection, Alarm Relay also offers monitoring via your Internet connection.

Not sure if your module is supported by Alarm Relay? We support the following cellular modules:

  • Telguard TG-1
  • Telguard TG-1 Express
  • Telguard TG-4
  • Telguard TG-11
  • Uplink AnyNet
  • Napco Starlink
  • AlarmNet GSMs ( No Analog Versions)
  • Powermax GSMs
  • Rokonet GSMs
  • Alarm.com GSMs- 2GIG/Simon/Concord
  • HAI GSMs
  • DSC GS3055i/3060/2060/2065
  • DSC TL 260GS/265GS

Want to find out more about cellular monitoring or  getting rid of your land line? Give us a call and talk to one of our customer service representatives to learn more.

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