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Cost-Saving Tips on Home Security Monitoring

The costliest issues with alarm monitoring systems are nuisance alarms. Police and Fire Departments nationwide spend a lot of money needlessly dispatching units in response to nuisance alarms. To abate this problem, home and business owners now face hefty fines for nuisance alarms. Some jurisdictions go to the extreme and enforce a “Notify Only” ordinance, which means that the Alarm Monitoring provider can only notify the home or business owner; and, cannot dispatch the local authorities.

Most of these incidents are preventable. With adequate training, people who have security systems should be able to not set off alarms by mistake. This kind of training can be easily coordinated with their alarm monitoring service provider.

Another cost-saving tip that most consumers don’t know is that they have the option to switch to another cost efficient monitoring service provider. Most new alarm system users are only aware of the service provided by the same company who sold them their alarm systems. These companies could be charging them a monthly fee of $30 per month or higher!

There are other providers such as Alarm Relay offering reliable alarm monitoring services for a fraction of that amount. There are no costs to switching to another provider when the agreement is expired or the agreement is month-to-month with the current provider. Alarm Relay’s agreements are short term; only 1 year at a time.

Consumer education on alarm services and systems drastically reduce  expensive fines and monitoring costs for consumers. To know more on how to cut your alarm system costs, call Alarm Relay at (800) 624-6866 or visit their website at

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