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7 Harmful Misconceptions About Home Invasions You Should Know

Misinformed homeowners make prime targets for home invasions. Get the facts and debunk the myths you might believe about burglars.

There are a lot of harmful home burglary myths, and, unfortunately, many people discover how wrong they were only after a break-in. Don’t fall victim to a false sense of security. Find out what really deters burglars. You might be surprised.

#1: A locked door is enough of a deterrent.

Not so. Up to 33% of burglars will kick in a front door in a matter of moments. A reinforced door with a strong lock will make your front door more challenging to any intruder.

#2: If I live in a low-crime area, I don’t need an alarm system.

Even in a relatively safe neighborhood, homes without security systems are more likely to be broken into. Nine out of 10 intruders bypass a house when they encounter a security system.

#3: I can leave my door unlocked if I am just running out for a few minutes.

Burglars are opportunists who look for easy marks. They may only be in your house for a few minutes, grabbing small items like jewelry and laptops as fast as they can. Don’t give them a chance—always lock your doors.

#4: Most break-ins occur at night.

At night, you, your family and pets are at home. Burglars would much rather enter an empty house and slip in and out without running into someone. Most burglaries occur in broad daylight, while you and your family are at work and school.

#5: A burglar will only strike once and move on.

Wrong again. If a burglar likes what he sees in your house, he is likely to come back. The burglar now knows the layout of your house and can get in and out even faster. Move quickly to avoid being a victim again. Reinforce doors, install window locks or get a home security system to prevent a second break-in.

#6: Alarm systems are expensive.

If by expensive you mean less than $10 per month, then yes. There are many affordable options available for much less than you would think. Research the options and choose what works best for you and your family because money should never deter you from feeling safe and secure.

#7: Most burglars don’t know anything about my home before they break in.

Burglars are experts at surveillance. They may stake out a neighborhood, pretending to be a maintenance worker, carrying tools. They may knock on your door looking for directions. They even have day jobs, such as repairs or delivery, allowing them to come into your house to make a quick assessment. Trust your instincts. Don’t let anyone in that makes you feel uneasy. And, if you see anyone in the neighborhood who seems to be hanging around, don’t be afraid to call local authorities.


Photo By: Media Director, May 6, 2015 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

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