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Fire Safety DOs & DON’Ts: How to Keep Your Family Protected

Avoid deadly consequences with these simple fire safety tips.

Is your home fire safe? Did you know there are simple fire safety do’s and don’ts that could make all the difference to your property and family? Read these quick tips about how to keep your family safe from home fires.

DO install smoke alarms. The risk of injury and death is cut by 50% just by having them in your home. Make sure to keep them in good working condition by replacing batteries at least twice a year and doing routine checks.

DO have an escape plan. In the event of a fire, seconds count. Nothing is more precious than your life and the lives of your loved ones. Make sure every family knows two ways to escape each room in the house and designate a safe meeting place a good distance from the house. And, don’t forget to include your pets when evacuating.

DO cook with care. Make sure gas appliances aren’t leaking, and that electrical appliances have safe connections. Keep pot handles turned in, toward the back of the stove, so curious little cooks can’t reach up and grab them. Keep matches safely away from children and always turn appliances off when not in use.

DO install a fireproof door between your attached garage and house. In the event of a garage fire, you will minimize or even prevent damage to your living area.

DON’T overlook the garage. It’s likely you store many flammable items there, such as propane, fuel for your mower or other gas-run tools, paint thinner and more. Keep such items away from any heat source, like your water heater, and make sure they’re safely locked away to avoid accidental spills or leaks.

DON’T overload outlets. Be careful not to tax outlets. A simple short can quickly escalate into a dangerous electrical house fire. Use caution and common sense. One plug per outlet!

DON’T keep paint- and oil-soaked rags. Dispose of them immediately. They can ignite easily, without notice, and turn into a full-blown blaze before you know it.

DON’T forget: The first and easiest step you can take to prevent damage and loss from a fire is to simply install smoke detectors.


Photo By: Andrew Malone, May 6, 2015 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

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