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How Alarm Monitoring Helps Protect Your Home and Family

According to the data gathered by the U.S. Department of Justice, there were a total of 2,199 burglaries in American households in 2009. In these unfortunate events, victims not only deal with the loss of their valuable items, they also have to cope with emotional and psychological trauma. To avoid becoming a victim of burglary, the best thing you could do to protect you and your family is to equip your home with a security system and find a company that provides 24-7 alarm monitoring service.

What is an Alarm Monitoring System?

An alarm monitoring system is a home security device that can operate 24-7 to alert local authorities when an intruder enters a home. In the event of an alarm, the Central Station that monitors the system will dispatch police almost immediately.

How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Alarm systems can detect unlawful entries through motion detectors and magnetic transmitters. When the alarm is triggered, it will usually blare out a loud sound from a siren and simultaneously sends an electronic signal to the Central Station. The Central Station will then call the property owner to rule out a false alarm. If the call is unanswered or if it’s answered in distress, police will immediately be alerted of a break-in.

The signal is often sent via a land line. However, recent advances in technology now allow signals to be sent via the Internet. With internet alarm monitoring services, there’s constant connectivity to send alarm signals directly to the Central Station.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Alarm monitoring companies offer a wide range of options for their services, and costs vary depending on the agreed length of service. There are some which offer alarm monitoring services on an annual basis that can be easily renewed by paying the required fee.

How Do I Choose the Right Alarm Monitoring Service for My Home?

There are a lot of options for alarm monitoring services as more and more people realize the importance of having dedicated security. However, to ensure your utmost protection and safety, it’s best to hire a company that is UL Listed and has been certified by organizations like the Security Industry Association and the Better Business Bureau. Choosing an alarm monitoring provider that works best for your needs will give you the peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Every Hour. Every Day.

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