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3 Reasons People Hate their Home Security System Company

If you’re like most people, you love kittens, cupcakes, and warm slippers. And you hate traffic, paper cuts, and your home alarm system. But why do people dislike their monitored home security systems so much? Usually it has to do with poor customer service, expensive prices, and long contracts—not the safety these systems provide.

While your alarm system itself may give you peace of mind that your home and loved ones are protected, your pain points with your home security system are still valid. Why does it have to be so painful?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn more about why some people hate their home security company, and what can be done about it.

1. Poor customer service


Most people cringe at the mere thought of having to deal with customer service. Because, chances are, it will be a frustrating experience. Dealing with your home security system company can be the same way.

Unfortunately, some frequent problems people face with customer service include:

  • Long wait times on calls
  • Confusing or contradictory information
  • The feeling of being “sold to” rather than helped

Not all home security companies provide poor customer service. Do your research in advance of choosing a company, and pay attention to what existing customers have to say about the service they receive. Don’t choose a company that isn’t accessible and helpful to its customers.

Want to test the customer service out yourself before signing on with a home security company? Visit their website and contact a customer service representative, either online or by phone. Ask any questions you have about the company and its services, and see for yourself how you’re treated.


2. Expensive prices


You probably know that having a home security system is an important way to keep your home, valuables, and family safe. But why does it have to be so darn expensive?

Unfortunately, some home security system companies do charge a seemingly arm and leg for their services. You could always go the DIY home security system route, but who wants to deal with setting up a likely inferior system that could leave your home vulnerable?

There are two places where home security systems can get pricey:

  • Installation: It can be expensive to have a home security system installed. If your home isn’t pre-wired, and you want a wired system, it can also take a bit of time (and money) for installation to happen.
  • Monthly fees: Most home security system companies have a monthly monitoring fee. But seeing the number could give you sticker shock. Add-ons also add, and there always seem to be add-ons, no?

Curious whether a wired system is right for you? Read about the difference between wired and wireless home security systems.

Not every alarm security company charges huge fees for their services. With some research, you can likely find a company out there to meet your home security needs without breaking the bank.

Can you stomach paying less than $10 a month for alarm monitoring? It’s not too good to be true, and for the price of a few lattes, you can get the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe.


3. Long contracts


Not only can it be frustrating to pay for a pricey home security system, often times, home security system companies will lock you into a contract. Some companies make you sign up for three years of service, and they make it tough for you to get out of those contracts once you’ve entered them.

Whether you don’t want to commit to that length of time, or maybe you’re renting and planning to move in a year or two, long contracts can be frustrating. Read all the fine print before signing on with a company to make sure you know what kind of contract you’re signing up for, and if there are any penalties for stopping service early.


The solution

As we mentioned before, most people don’t have many complaints about the actual monitored home security system they have in place. After all, they keep your house safe. The problem is expense, a lack of good customer service, and getting stuck in a long contract.

Having a home security system, though, has its benefits. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe, whether you’re at work for the day or out of town on vacation.

Don’t let the faults of some home security system companies scare you away from getting a home security system. There are companies out there with reasonable rates, short or no contracts, and impeccable customer service records. Search out these companies, and your home security situation may be as painless as possible.


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