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Alarm Systems Aren’t Just for the Rich Anymore

If you’ve ever dreamed of life as a filthy rich person, your imaginings probably include giant mansions, sports cars in the garage, and home security systems to protect all your jewels, electronics, and cash. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to get one of those things. Alarm systems aren’t just for the rich anymore.

Sure, the wealthy have plenty of things they need to protect. But so do you. There used to be a stigma that home security systems were just for the rich and famous. But those days are gone.

After all, if you’re a security company, you need the business of more than the wealthiest few to make your company thrive. Security companies have responded by tapping into the middle class residential market by making their products more innovative and affordable.

What does this mean for you? It means, home security systems are no longer a luxury item for the rich. They’re affordable, attainable, and frankly, a good idea to have.


Looking back


Home security systems from years past were a lot different than they are nowadays. They were expensive, labor-intensive to install, and the monthly monitoring fees were steep. Also, in the days of land telephone lines, a dedicated telephone line was needed.

But once all the wealthy customers were snapped up, alarm companies began to realize that systems that cost thousands of dollars weren’t in the range of possibility for the working and middle classes.

With a little innovation and improvements in technology over the years, savvy security companies began working to make their products just as effective, but at a lower cost to reach untapped markets.


Where we are today


All that innovation and the huge improvements in technology means that anyone who isn’t rich is now able to protect their homes and belongings just like the wealthy do.

Today’s home security systems are accessible to most income levels, and come with the benefits that alarm systems of yesteryear lacked.

With today’s home security systems:

  • Installation can be pretty simple, using wireless connections
  • You don’t need a dedicated land line to run a system
  • The monthly fees for security service are not as high, and are affordable to a must wider customer base

If you’re curious whether a wireless system is for you, read about the difference between wired and wireless security systems.


The benefits

The most obvious benefit of having a home security system in place is that it can deter a break-in from happening at your house. It can protect not only your family and your belongings, but give you the peace of mind of knowing your valuables are safe, even when you’re not home.

Though it does cost money to have a home security system installed, having a system could actually save you money in other ways. Through home automation, you could save money on your energy bill by better controlling your thermostat, or controlling it remotely.

You could also potentially save money on your homeowners’ insurance, just for having a home security system in place. Thinking of selling your home in the coming years? Your home’s value could rise by having a security system in place.

There are also some pretty neat ways to use your home security system that you might not have thought of. Read about four unconventional ways to use your home security system.


Is a home security system for you?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a home security system because of some recent break-ins in your neighborhood or town. Or perhaps you live in a safe area, but want the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure.

Whatever reason piques your interest, investing in a home security system could pay off. Your family might not have treasure troves of gold and jewels lying around, but we’re willing to bet you have some valuables. Be it jewelry, electronics, family heirlooms or important documents, protecting what’s worth it to you is priceless.

Not only can home security systems protect you from becoming the victim of a break-in, they can alert you in the event of a fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leak.

Whether you’re going out of town on vacation, or just going out for family pizza night, a home security system offers the security of knowing you won’t come home to a calamity that could destroy your home and belongings, or even worse, put your loved ones at risk.

If you’re still in the research phase of looking into home security system, read a newbie’s guide on how to choose a home security system. Also, for more on choosing the right system for your family, read a don’t buy a home security system until you’ve read this guide.

Whatever path your research leads you down, you can’t go wrong protecting your house and loved ones with a home security system. Make your home a safer one today!

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