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Choose the Right Home Security Camera with this Helpful Guide

Tips for Choosing the Right Home Security Camera

Today’s world is so rushed and busy that few people are home for long periods of time. When they are home, they are likely indoors working through a mile long to-do list. The appearance of an unoccupied home can leave you at risk for burglary. Home security cameras go a long way in helping you protect your home and peace of mind. Here are a few tips for choosing the best camera for your property and personal needs.

The Most Essential Security Camera Features

There are several different types of cameras for you to choose from, but knowing which specific features to look for as you explore your options can help you narrow your choices and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. We’ve compiled this list of features to consider when investing in security cameras for your home alarm system.

Motion and Event Detection

Save time and worry by opting for a camera with motion detection capability or a camera that can integrate with your alarm system to detect events. You can be alerted via notification whenever your camera or security system detects movement. Some alarm monitoring cameras can be programmed to capture an image after an event occurs (example: when the alarm system is armed, if an alarm sounds, etc.).

Movement and Sound

Another feature to focus on is whether you want a security camera that can move, often referred to as “pan and tilt”. Movement allows you to tilt the camera up and down and pan from left to right. This compensates for a camera with a limited field of vision. Additionally, you might prefer a camera model that’s able to pick up and emit sound. You’ll be able to communicate with guests (or intruders) through a camera that has a microphone. In the event of a potential intrusion, it’s important to quickly be able to distinguish whether you’re dealing with a false alarm or and burglary event.   

Wireless Capability

Homeowners who prefer a DIY installation might like camera models with Wi-Fi capabilities. You might also prefer this type of camera if you already have a smart home and are looking to integrate that convenience throughout your property.

Video Quality

It’s also best to spring for cameras and brands that offer crisp video quality so you can easily distinguish what you’re looking at. This is vital if your  video has to be used for evidence after a burglary. Look for security cameras that offer streaming and viewing in HD.


Finally, decide how noticeable you’d like for your cameras to be inside your home. Some people prefer to preserve the aesthetic of their home, but a visible camera can be a burglar deterrent.

Additional Considerations to Make

There are a few more things to bear in mind as you’re looking for the best security camera for your home. Because you’re focusing more on keeping a close eye on your home’s exterior, be sure you check to see that the camera you’re considering is optimized for exterior use. This means having an outdoor camera that can withstand extreme temperatures as well as various types of condensation.

You’ll want whatever images your camera picks up to be easily visible no matter the time of day or night. That’s why model selections with night vision and high image resolution capabilities are your best bet.


You can’t be everywhere at once, so security cameras can help you keep an eye on your entire property, even if you’re not home. But don’t forget to enlist a partner in the security of your home. Home alarm monitoring adds an extra layer of security to help you protect your family and property.

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