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How to Secure Your Home’s Windows and Doors

What is the easiest way for intruders to get into your house? They likely won’t be able to get through a wall, so that leaves the windows and doors. Are your home’s doors and windows as safe as they can be? Learn how to secure your home’s windows and doors, providing you with peace of mind that your family and belongings will be safe.

There are some easy and not-too-complicated ways to make your home’s entry points safer. From window and door locks to security screens and window locks, we’ll detail the security measures you can put in place today.

Read on for more on how to secure your home’s windows and doors.


1. Use a safety bar for sliders

Do you have a sliding glass door, or sliding windows? Get a wooden or metal bar that can be placed in the track of the sliding glass door. That way, even if someone manages to unlock the door from the outside, the bar will prevent the door from being opened.

You can measure your sliding glass door track and purchase a wooden or metal bar that is slightly shorter. Or, take the DIY approach and head to a hardware or home store to make your own out of a thick dowel or wooden bar.

You can also purchase an adjustable safety bar made specifically to fit sliders. The Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar can be adjusted to fit your sliding door track, and is made of steel to withstand up to 350 pounds of force, and costs around $15.


2. Make sure doors are solid


Any door that leads from your house to the outdoors should be a solid core door, made of wood or metal, or a metal-clad door. Sometimes interior doors mistakenly get placed on doors leading to garages, or even the outdoors. Do some easy investigation work to make sure all doors leading to the outside (including your garage) are solid ones.

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Also, make sure all doors (and windows) are locked when you’re not home, and when you go to bed. You might even want to keep doors locked when you are home, for added security.


3. Use deadbolts

The weakest point on a door is the lock, so if you don’t already have one, get a grade 1 or grade 2 deadbolt lock. (Grade 1 deadbolts have bolts that are inserted into the doorframe at least one inch.) Deadbolts penetrate the doorframe, making the door harder to force open.

The screws that attach the lock plate to the doorjamb should be at least three inches long. Double cylinder locks require a key to open from both the inside and outside, however they could pose a fire hazard.

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4. Install a peephole


If you can’t easily see your front porch or stoop from inside the house, consider installing a peephole in your front door. That way, if someone rings your doorbell or knocks, you’ll be able to see who is on the other side before opening the door. You can do the work yourself, or hire a handyman.

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5. Fit security screens to external doors

One of the best first lines of defense for your external doors is a security screen. Security screens come in aluminum and stainless steel, and like a traditional screen door, can be seen through. The doors can swing open or slide open, depending on the type of door you have.


6. Reinforce windows

Besides your doors, windows are another important point of entry to secure. If you live in a high-crime area, consider placing iron bars on your windows to make them burglar-resistant.

If your windows are old, they might be easier to break, or break into. If you’re getting new windows, consider tempered glass, which is more durable than traditional glass.

You can also make windows more secure with:

  • Security film
  • Roller shutters
  • Security screens


7. Fit key lockable window locks

A great way to make sure windows are secure is by getting key lockable window locks. Locks can be affixed to the window, intended to hang over the window track to prevent it from being fully opened. The Safety First ProGrade Window Lock (for a 2-count) is around $12.


By following these tips on how to secure your doors and windows, you can make your home’s points of entry harder for intruders to get through. Your family’s security is important, so make any needed changes today.

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