What You Can Do With the Money You’ll Save by Switching to Alarm Relay

Our UL Listed security system monitoring services start at $8.95 a month. By cutting out the middleman and offering landline, cellular, and internet alarm monitoring directly to our customers—without locking them into longterm contracts—we’re able to offer monitoring solutions at much lower prices compared to many of our competitors.  In fact, when people decide to switch to us, there’s one thing that we hear over and over again:

“You guys charge $8.95 a month? I’ve been paying over $30 bucks a month for five years now!”

We’re always sorry to hear that, but what’s even worse is when we hear:

“I’ve been meaning to switch over to you guys for months—I just never got around to it.”

If you’re in the latter category, we’ve worked up a few incentives that just may get you to switch to AlarmRelay sooner.

What to Do With the Money You’ll Save by Switching to Alarm Relay

If you’re paying over $30.00 a month for a UL listed alarm monitoring service, here’s what you’ll save….

…In One Month

For every month that you’re with Alarm Relay, you’ll be saving $21.05.

That’s enough to buy…

  • One gallon of milk, one loaf of sandwich bread, a dozen eggs, one four-pound chicken, and a pound of hamburger at the grocery store.
  • Five venti lattes or ten small cups of coffee from Starbucks.
  • Two movie tickets and a box of popcorn.
  • A bottle of wine and a USDA Choice steak.
  • 21 $0.99 songs on iTunes.

…In Six Months

For every six months you’re monitoring your home or business alarm system with Alarm Relay instead of a company who charges over $30.00 per month, you’ll be saving $126.30.

That’s enough to buy…

  • 31 grande lattes or 63 small cups of coffee from Starbucks.
  • Two tickets to a Broadway play (or one for a musical).
  • Dinner, drinks, and dessert for two at a nice restaurant.
  • A case of good wine.
  • A one-night stay at a hotel.
  • An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or a Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch.

…In One Year

After one year with Alarm Relay’s lower-cost security system monitoring or internet alarm monitoring services, you’ll have saved $252.60.

That’s enough to buy…

  • 63 grande lattes or 126 small cups of coffee from Starbucks.
  • A weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast.
  • A multi-course tasting menu at one of the best restaurants in town.
  • A new iPod Touch or an iPhone 5.
  • A Nintendo Wii system (with games).
  • An Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Start Saving Today

There’s no reason to put off switching to Alarm Relay any longer. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to make switching your alarm monitoring service provider easier. Stop putting off saving $250 a year for tomorrow: give us a call today to learn more about our UL Listed monitoring services.

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