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The Rescu App in a Hostage Situation

“If you had a gun to your head…”

is a saying we often light-heartedly use to ask family and friends silly ‘would you rather’ questions. But what if having a gun to your head was a real possibility? Do you have the resources to counteract a hostage situation?

Imagine yourself sleeping soundly and comfortably, maybe you live alone, or maybe your kids are sleeping soundly just down the hall from you. What if waking up from your dream turned in to your actual worst nightmare? The sound of someone downstairs breaking into your home. A whirlwind of thoughts start to fill your mind, “who is this person?” “why are they here?” “what are their intentions?” and “what will happen if they find me?” among other thoughts.

The first thing to do is remember that even though there is an intruder in your home, it doesn’t mean they know where you are. The absolute worst thing you can do in that situation is scream, yell, or even be talking! It gives away your location in the home and will only help them find you faster. If there is someone in your home, a firearm, your alarm system, and Rescu are some the best options to protect you and your family.

After you have gathered your family, locked yourself safely in a room, and hidden from the intruder, make sure you have your phone to contact the authorities. In this critical situation it is important to remember that every moment counts, and with just two taps on your smartphone, emergency responders can be dispatched to your home immediately! Why risk you and your family’s safety by trying to explain to 9-1-1 what the situation is, where you live, and what your name is? With Rescu it’s already done for you ahead of time. Emergency preparation!

In 2016 the FBI had estimated there to be 1,248,185 violent crimes.


Even though you think you might be prepared, it is important to make sure you have your lifeline. And yes you read that right, your lifeline. Rescu makes dialing 911 obsolete due to its efficient and possibly life saving response time. It gives you the freedom to work out a plan without the added stress of trying to make sure the police are on their way! Those precious moments can literally mean the difference between you getting out and safely away from the intruder, or being in the most horrible and distressing situation of your life.

Click here to make Rescu by Alarm Relay your plan, your peace of mind, and your lifeline.


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