180 Degree HD WiFi Security Camera (ADC-V622) | Alarm Relay 180 Degree HD WiFi Security Camera (ADC-V622)


Premier indoor Wi-Fi camera with full HD video quality. Offers 180-degree viewing angle, two-way audio, and 1080 pixel video resolution. Dual connectivity feature that can be ethernet or Wi-Fi based.

The ADC-V622 is the top camera pick among many security professionals. It boasts of it high-end design in modern home video surveillance systems. With its full rotation feature, it lets you view in wide angle all corners of your home, making sure you’re safe and sound along with your loved ones. The two-way voice allows you to transmit and send message audio instantly. At nighttime,you’ll have no trouble monitoring strangers in the dark with its night-vision infrared that captures up to 15 feet of distance of the subject.

A user-friendly surveillance device with built-in app and can be connected through ethernet or wi-fi. Whichever network system you use, there’s always a back up with the included power adapter, so you’ll never miss a chance to capture signs of burglary or any untoward event.

Key features:

  • High-resolution (1080-pixel) video output
  • Wi-fi enabled or hardwired
  • Full rotation viewing angle (180 degrees)
  • Infrared capable up to 15 ft
  • Two-way audio feature

Manual: Download

Datasheet: Download


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