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Honeywell Wireless Flood Detector (5821 & FP280)


The 5821 + FP280 is a wireless transmitter flood detector and temperature sensor used with Honeywell’s 5800 alarm series. The 5821 can be a standalone temp sensor or a flood detector or a combination of these two.

Most home floods start in the basement or low-lying areas, and it is in these locations the 5821 in combination with FP280 will work best. An alarm will go off when the preset temperature exceeded its limit. The mode can be configured when monitoring temperature.

The combo 5821 + FP280 includes a wire transmitter and flood detector, and be placed in basements, laundry rooms, or bathrooms, from which humidity is high.

Key features:

  • Remote flood monitoring
  • 10-year battery life
  • Wireless and easy to install
  • Simultaneous detection of cold and flood
  • 2-zones
  • Temperature range includes hot, warm, cold, refrigerate, and freeze

Manual: Download


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