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5 Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

Sure, you’ve put protections in place so your family is safe while you’re home, under your roof. But much of life happens outside your home’s walls. Is your family safe when you’re out and about, and on the go? Be a savvy parent and learn which portable security products can keep your loved ones safe no matter where they are.

With new technologies popping up all the time, now is a great time to harness some of the unique and useful products on the market. Not only that, but you’ll be giving yourself peace of mind knowing that safety isn’t an afterthought when you’re on the go.

Protect your family by learning these five must-have portable security products to keep your busy family safe. They are effective, offer ease of use, and can help protect anyone in your family.

  1. Doberman Security Jogger Alarm

Though it has the word “jogger” in its name, don’t pigeonhole this security alarm. It could come in handy for walks in the woods, trips to the mall or playground, or even just play time in your neighborhood.

The device is worn on an armband, and features a large white button. With the touch of the button, a flashing light and emergency alarm are activated. The light can be seen up to a mile away, while the alarm offers a loud sound to scare away a potential attacker.

Where to buy: Amazon, $22

Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

  1. DeLorme inReach Explorer Two-Way Satellite Communicator

Perfect for the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in your family, the DeLorme inReach Explorer can give you more than just peace of mind when you’re out for a mountain bike ride, taking a family hike, or just taking a stroll through the woods.

If you ever get lost in the wilderness, you can trigger an interactive SOS, which will allow you to communicate back and forth with the device’s search and rescue monitoring center. Not only does this satellite communicator allow you to plan your route ahead of time, you can share the journey with family or friends who can track your progress.

You’re also able to send text messages and GPS coordinates to cell phone numbers and email addresses, and even use the built in compass, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter.

Where to buy: Amazon, $380 with navigation features

Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

  1. Vigilant Personal Emergency Alarm

Do you have a young adult headed off to private school or college? Help keep him or her safe armed with this alarm while traversing campus at night, going for an early-morning jog, or just going for a walk. Got an even younger child at home? Stash this alarm in his or her pocket before heading out to play in the neighborhood.

This device has a pin that when pulled sounds a loud, piercing alarm which continues for up to one hour. It can be carried in hand, in a pocket, or stored in a backpack or purse. Not only that, it has an LED light that can be switched on with a separate button, illuminating your way in the dark, or for use in other non-emergency situations.

Where to buy: Amazon, $15

Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

  1. Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight

Is mom or dad headed out of town on a business trip? Is your son or daughter taking an overnight field trip with a school or church group? Equip anyone in your family for safety on the road with this travel door alarm.

Adding an extra layer of security at a hotel—or even in a dorm room—doesn’t have to break the bank. This device has a probe that is placed between a door and the door frame, and hangs on the doorknob. If someone opens the door, a loud alarm will sound. It also has an LED flashlight built in—perfect to save you from fumbling in the dark.

Where to buy: Amazon, $12

Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

  1. Lewis and Clark RFID Travel Wallet

Heading on vacation overseas, or hitting Disney during school vacation? Keep your money, passport, license, credit cards, or other important items out of reach of pickpockets with this wallet.

Slip the wallet’s belt loops over your belt, then tuck the wallet into your pants. The product features a zippered pocket with three compartments, and is made of material that blocks RFID scans. It measures 7 inches by 5 inches, and weighs less than an ounce.

Where to buy: Amazon, $9

Must-have Portable Security Products for Safety On-the-Go

No matter if you’re headed out in the neighborhood to play with the kids, or you’re traveling the world, give yourself and your family peace of mind with these portable security products. You never know when they could come in handy.

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